Who is this guy?

Well, because I don’t have enough to do already, I’ve decided to try my hand at blogging. My name is Pat McLene, and I am a author and columnist on all things prepper, self-sufficiency, and country living.  You can find my weekly column over at WND.com

I’ve been involved (as in lived my life) with self-sufficiency for many years. I own a small ranch (or compound if you write for the NYT) in what is now often referred to as the American Redoubt (exactly where, I decline to state). I raise livestock, build most everything I need, have a LARGE garden, hunt, fish, work wood, can, dehydrate, log, and never have enough time in the day to get everything done that could or should be.

I have a couple of degrees from reasonably prestigious schools in the areas of the physical sciences. I’m married (happily so for 25 years) and have a couple of wonderful kids.

I’ve written a couple of hundred articles for various magazines, usually under different names; almost all of which are related in some way or another to self-sufficiency. most recent a non-WND.com article just appeared on the American Hunter website.

My weekly column at WND.com came about because it was driving me nuts that a whole lot of prepper sites seemed to be more interested in selling parachord rather than teaching what you could do with it (Or how you could make do without it.).





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